K559 Vast Emptiness, Nothing Holy by Nantenbō Tōjū & Gyokusen

Vast Emptiness, Nothing Holy
(signed) The 79-year-old fellow Nantenbō Tōjū

(painted by) Gyokusen

七十九翁南天棒鄧州 玉仙
Gyokusen (玉仙, 1853-1928) painting
Nakahara Nantenbō (中原南天棒, 1839-1925) inscription
K559 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 133.8 cm × 32.2 cm.


Another strong Daruma painted by a woman: Gyokusen. This Zenga is especially good since it is by a female master who hung out with Tesshū, Nantenbō, and Shōun, all tough guys, on her own terms.

This piece was made in 1917, according to Nantenbō’s age as signed.