K546 Jizai by Asano Shun’ō 朝野春翁

Mu Ichi Motsu
 The wind in the pines comes of its own
(signed) Shun’ō

Asano Shun’ō (朝野春翁, d.1980)
K546 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 95.9 cm × 22.4 cm.

A jizai is the bamboo pole hung over a hearth to hold a teakettle. Jizai also means freely, naturally, something arising on its own. In this Zenga, jizairefers to both the physical object, and the sound of the wind that comes on its own accord without premonition or artifice. Also, the presence of a tea kettle suggests that the whistle of water boiling complements the whistle of the wind in the pines