K226 Universe Ensō by Fuyō Rōran 父幼老卵

Nothing lacking, Nothing extra.
Brushed by Rōran *
Fuyō Rōran (父幼老卵, 1724-1805)
K226 hanging scroll 142 cm × 70 cm, sumi on paper 47.6 cm × 56.2 cm.


*His name means “Old Egg.”

The inscription is a verse from the Shinjin Mei (信心銘 “Believing in Mind”), a short Zen text by the Third Chinese Patriarch Sōsan僧璨. The preceding line states, “Round and perfect like great space.” This is an example of a “perfection” ensō. Buddha-nature is complete within itself, just right with nothing lacking and nothing extra. The brushwork is bold, bright, and confident.