K217 Daruma by Baisa-Ō, Kō Yūgai 売茶翁,高遊外

[Daruma] came to illuminate the world and show how to act like a master;
He is as bright as a thousand shining peaks emerging from deep clouds.
(signed) Yūgai
Baisa-Ō, Kō Yūgai (売茶翁,高遊外, 1675-1763)
K217 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 106.1cm × 24.4 cm.


“Baisa-Ō” means “Old Teaseller”.
Paintings by Baisa-Ō are very rare and this is the only known example of a Daruma painting by him. It appears to be based on the Daruma Doll style sometimes employed by Hakuin, Baisa-Ō ‘s contemporary, but with a much fiercer expression.
It has the Baisa 80 Ō (売茶八十翁) seal and must therefore date from Baisa-Ō ‘s eighties. The other seal reads Kō Yūgai (両遊外)