K103 Kannon by Sōzan Genkyō 蘇山玄喬

Sturdy and flexible is the willow;
Kannon is a (strong and beautiful) willow.
Her great compassion assuages all pain;
Her vow to save all beings is as deep as the ocean.

Painted by Sōzan, formerly of Hanazono*
Sōzan Genkyō (蘇山玄喬, 1798-1868)
K103 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 106.2 cm × 30.6 cm.


* Another name for Myōshin-ji.

Kannon is as lovely and graceful as a willow, but like a willow not even the strongest wind can break her resolve to save all sentient beings. Kannon here sits in radiant meditation perched on a cliff above still waters. Kannon’s state of being remains serene and unsullied even though she can manifest herself everywhere in any situation.