K092 Daruma & Kannon by Seki Yūhō 関雄峰

I am really you, you are really me, what great good fortune!

(signed) Yōgen Yūhō

万  歳
Seki Yūhō (関雄峰, 1900-1982)
K092 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 116.9 cm × 29.4 cm.


Actually, Daruma and Kannon are different manifestations of Buddha-nature. Their skilful means are complementary; insight cannot exist without compassion. This Zenga depicts that truth: Daruma and Kannon are shown together as fraternal twins. One faces right, one faces left. Daruma stares right at us; Kannon gently casts her gaze downward. Daruma appears gruff and manly; Kannon looks soft and feminine, indeed sexy. Another interesting feature of this Zenga is that Kannon is holding a fly whisk (hossu), a ritual instrument usually reserved for Daruma. (The fly whisk symbolizes authority and the fact that Kannon is brandishing one here suggests that it is she who is in charge.) As the inscription states, the work of Daruma and Kannon in conjunction brings us great good fortune.