K091 Walking Daruma by Unkoku Tōgan 雲谷等顔 and Jissan 賓酸

I came here to this land
To transmit the dharma and dispel illusion:
One flower opens with five petals,
All things are accomplished naturally.

Inscribed by Jissan, Former Abbot of Myōshin-ji
Unkoku Tōgan (雲谷等顔, 1547-1618) painting
Jissan (賓酸, ~1870) inscription
K091 scroll, sumi on paper 104.0 cm × 28.2 cm.


The inscription reproduces the words of Bodhidharma, explaining the reason for his journey from India to China. Usually, only the last two lines are used to inscribe Daruma paintings but here all four lines are given, emphasizing Daruma’s determined move from West to East to teach true meditation. Indeed, the Patriarch looks like he is walking straight toward the viewer; he also assumes the kind of hanmi stance that martial artists employ.