K081 Magic Jewel by Seki Yūhō 関雄峰

Polish and polish anything and it will sparkle:
Your spirit or even the roughest stone!

(signed) The old fellow Ryoten** of Yogen[-ji]

Seki Yūhō (関雄峰, 1900-1982)
K081 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 115.3 cm × 29.2 cm.


*(磨いて) Yūhō omitted the first three characters of this well know Zen verse.

**One of Seki’s monastic names.

A hoju 宝珠 is a magic wish granting jewel, a favorite theme of Japanese artists. From the Zen perspective, the greatest treasure of all is enlightenment. Furthermore, anything that is constantly polished and refined will eventually shine; if we continually forge our spirit through Zen practice we will manifest our inner light, and we can also turn even the basest objects into gold.