K036 I’ve Got My Eyes on You Daruma by Sanshōken 三生軒 (Yūzen Gentatsu 猷禅玄達)

[Zen] points directly to the human heart;
See into your nature, become Buddha.

(signed) Sanshōken
見 性 成 佛
直 指 人 心


Sanshōken (三生軒, Yūzen Gentatsu 猷禅玄達, 1841-1917)
K036 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 130.8 cm × 32.8 cm.

Sanshōken’s delightful Daruma portraits are more cartoony, like that of Sengai, and they bring a smile to one’s face. Although this Daruma is certainly not glaring, his gaze is steady.