K029 Wall-Gazing Daruma by Takeda Mokurai, 竹田黙雷

[Zen] points directly to the human heart, see into your nature become Buddha!
After that, confirm it by saying Hail to Amida Buddha!

(signed) Mokurai


Takeda Mokurai (竹田黙雷, 1854-1930)
K029 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 127.9 cm × 29.4 cm.

This is a very witty portrayal of Wall-Gazing Daruma. Daruma has turned his back on the world and looks inside to perceive his Buddha-nature. Once enlightenment occurs, however, it is all right to take things just as they are—this is one of the meanings of “Hail to Amida Buddha!” In other words, there is nothing more I can “do.” In the relative world, Daruma (Zen Buddhism) and Amida (Pure Land Buddhism) are diametric opposites—the self-power of Zen versus the other-power of the Pure Land—but on absolute terms, they are equally valid.