K024 This Very Mind is Buddha! by Hiramoto Tokujū, 平元徳宗


This Very Mind is Buddha!

(signed) Myōshin Tokujū

即 心昰仏
Hiramoto Tokujū (平元徳宗, 1876-1930)
K024 hanging scroll, sumi on paper 130.5 cm × 32.3 cm.

This phrase appears in Case 30 of the Mumonkan. When Daibai (752-839) asked his master Baso (709-788) “What is the Buddha?” Baso answered, “This very mind is Buddha!” Daibai was enlightened. There is an inscription on the back of the scroll that states: “Brushed by Zen Master Tokujū on the final day of Rōhatsu Sesshin in 1929.” Rōhatsu Sesshin is an intense eight-day meditation session held the first week of December to commemorate the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. Shakyamuni’s realization was “This Mind is Buddha!”